Find your perfect Bed Time

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You always wondered what time is the best time to go to sleep, well check out this article that will describe an experiment you can perform to find out that optimum sleep time, HERE.

Keep your Budget on track by Changing it Regularly

Fallout of the 2009 Irish government budget

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You have setup your budget and you want to keep it, but you may not realize in order to keep a budget, it can’t stay static but must be of a dynamic nature in order to achieve any goals you set, check out this article that explains this perspective further HERE.

Self Watering Pot

Watering can

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Your always forgetting to water your plants and really wish you could setup some system for watering your plants that’s somewhat automated, well check out this article for transforming a regular pot into a self watering pot HERE.


Get Better Ice Cubes with a Milk Carton

Ice cubes

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You need to get some Ice for a day at the park or BBQ and you hate how small ice cubes last a few hours then its all cold water from there, Check out this pretty cool article that shows how you can use a milk carton to get some really great long lasting ice cubes HERE.

DIY Air Conditioner

Central air conditioner unit, from left side

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Why buy an Air Conditioner when you can make one, this might sound far out but it might be just what you have been looking for, cooler air and something you did yourself, check out the details on making this device HERE.

Wondering if your Password is Compromised, check this Site

The KeePass Password Safe icon.

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Check out this pretty neat service that will let you know if a service you use has been compromised, and at that point you can choose weather you should change your password, check out the services homepage HERE.

Setup Netflix Streaming so that it doesn’t exceed your Data Cap

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Your using a internet service that will put a cap on your connection after a certain data count, well Netflix might not really be the best application to use, but if you have to use the service, check out this article with a way to decrease the stream, HERE.


You want to rise up in life, but also avoid change = 0

Climate Change Conference

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You can’t advance in life without change, but to many people they oppose change, they rather repeating episodes in life, check out this article that talks about why this is a bad prospective, HERE.

Focus on whats left, not what has been done on a Project

I took photo myself with Kodak camera.

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If your working on a project, having the prospective of what is left to do, opposed to what you have done on the project already will increase your productivity on the project, check out this Harvard study that backs up these claims HERE.

Hammock offer a Better nights rest

The picture is of a parachute silk hammock on ...

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Hammock‘s offers a better nights sleep than that old fluffy bed, although this might not sounds right, the science behind sleeping in a Hammock says otherwise, check out more on the topic, HERE.


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