Transferring your Pictures to your iPad made Easy

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi

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If you do a lot of things from your iPad you may want to add putting your pictures on there to edit or display as one of the standard things you do, but don’t know how to do that considering your iPad doesn’t have a SD Card reader, well check out this article that will get your iPad ready for your pictures, HERE.

Child Proof Your Camera with Sugru


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You probably have a 7 year old that has all the desire in the world to become a photography right now but your afraid to let them loose with your Camera, well then you might be interested in this DIY project for Child proofing your camera, for more on how to achieve this check out this article, HERE.

Camera Lens for your Mobile Device


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Although you can get programs that can simulate all types of effects on your mobile or tablets camera, having actually lenses are usually the only way you can gain certain types of camera effects, so it only makes sense that if you really want to upgrade you cameras photo taking ability that you may have to invest in some lenses, check out this great set of lenses for mobile device, HERE.

Bring your Slides and Negatives into the Digital Age

Digitising old slides by photographing their p...

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You have a lot of old family slides and negatives that you would love to put on your computer if you just had a means to do it, well maybe you need to check out this article that will get you on your way, HERE.

Learn more about Photos from other good Photos EXIF Data

The photo shows Hall in Tyrol near Innsbruck, ...

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You may be interested in improving your photography skills or learning why good photos are just that good, Well examining those photos you consider good EXIF data you can learn about what made that photo good from a technical stand point which can improve your photos down the line, check more about this topic, HERE.

Turn SLR Lens into Marco Lens

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You need to get some Marco Lens going on but only have some cheaper SLR lens that you have nothing you can do with it, or so you think, check out this article with instructions on how to change that SLR lens into a Marco Lens, HERE.

Photography Star Trails

Tokugen-in's garden

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Check out this pretty useful article on how to take photo’s of Star Trails, which is a really cool idea, and makes for some fun with the kids at night, check out the in’s and out’s of the process HERE.

Create your own Pinhole Camera


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You have Camera’s all over the place, but can you make one yourself? Are you down to try this DIY project where you will create your own Pinhole Camera, well if you are bold enough check out this article here with the details on the process HERE.

Rating camera’s based on Sensor Size not Megapixels

Mecaflex SLR, circa 1953-1958 http://www.kilfi...

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Your are looking to purchase a new camera and not sure as to what camera to get should it be 10MPs or do you need 12MP or perhaps thats not even the feature you need to be focused on, check out this article that might make your choice a little bit easier HERE.

Learn to use a DSLR camera without one

Nikon D700 camera

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Check out this pretty cool simulator that will allow you to see how a DSLR Camera works before you dive into your pockets to get one, check out the application HERE.


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