Big Name Colleges Mean Nothing!

I remember when i first started my college career, I felt because I didn’t attend some Nationally recognized College that perhaps my degree didn’t mean as much. Now that I am a few years into this journey I see how this assumption was really foolish. Over the years I realize it isnt where you graduate from but what you do with the knowledge that has been imparted upon you. I also spoken with a few professors that say some of the bigger name schools have poorer standards than institutions like CUNY/SUNY. I will never forget my Adv Tech English Professor who got her PHD from NYU pretty much say that asides from the name of the school there isn’t anything special about it. This article make 5 fine points as to why this idea might well be based on some truth.


Keep Your Torrents To Yourself

People are always worried when doing content from Torrent Or P2P networks well this article discusses steps you can take to download relatively safely.

Cheap College Textbook Sites.

Might be worth checking these sites out if your looking for deals on college book this year:

Perform a Hardware Stress Test On Your PC

For my hardcore tech’s you probably at times wondered how can i test out my hardware to see if it might need to be replaced in the near future. In some cases you just want to see what going on to maintain a stable system. This article has some suggestions as the programs you can use to test your hardware out.

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