Procrastination = Damnation

Yeah I said it, an idle mind is a waste, You could have been doing something to serve yourself, man kind on a whole, or more importantly me! I thought this was an interesting article on why and how to break Procrastination.

SSID Hidden, Are you more secure?

I used to think that hiding your networks ID would be one means of securing your network, albeit a very minimal security measure to take, but over time I have come to realize that if someone were really trying to crack your network, they probably have enough knowledge to figure out the SSID using other tools, check this article out for more of a in-depth look into the topic.

Free Fax Services

Was checking out an article on free fax services and couldn’t help but post the following two links, they seem like decent services:

Create Your Own Portable Applications

For anyone that has to use a public / work computer, this might be what you have been looking for. There are applications that many of us use, that for one reason or another we can’t have access too when we are out and about in the world, and using this program you can now have that favorite app on the go, installed on your trusty USB Device!

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