Fingerprints on that Digital screen, YUCK!

So when you take some new device out the box its so clean, and pretty looking but after you spend some time with it, the device will lose that out the box appeal, check this article out on how to keep your electronic devices fingerprint free!

Tired of Junk Mail?

This article talks about steps you can take to get rid of all the junk mail you receive, everyone can benefit from this advice.

2 Free Presentation Software Solutions

The following two products produces presentations on par with MS Powerpoint, might be worth a run if your trying to avoid the $120 purchase of PowerPoint.

Beamer (LaTeX)

Google Presentations

Lost but Found?

This article talks about techniques you can use to recovery lost property, some of the suggestions are outrageous, but hey if it gets you back your stuff its worth it!

Get the grease off that laptop!

This article has some tips to getting the grease off your laptop, where was this article a few years ago!

Master Airline loyalty programs

Pretty useful article on how to get the most out of those Airline Loyalty programs, if your in the air regularly you need to check this guide out.

Print From your iPhone, iTouch & iPad

This is one of the few things you can’t do out the box with the above mentioned devices, so check this article out on how you can add printing functionality to your device!

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