Single Use Passwords & Remote Logout For Facebook

Seems like since the privacy stir a few months ago, Facebook is all about security, and with that said check out today’s Facebook blog post talking about two new features added to Facebook to improve upon the sites security.


Using Squid to access Hulu and other US Services

Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Great article on how to get access to US services such as Hulu and other sites that might be filtered out by a countries data filters. So this article should get around, help free the world from dopes that want to control all you see.

Fix the “Meetings” Process

HSS Executive Director Jay Malone address a cr...

Image via Wikipedia

So you ever wonder how a meeting can accomplish absolutly nothing meaningful or at least the purpose of the meeting. Well that has to change and this article can help!

Photo Hack

Durdle Door

Image by /northern/git via Flickr

Here a cool article on a way to improve the colors in your photo’s!

Music Related Projects

"College Life" sheet music cover, 1905

Image via Wikipedia

This top ten listing of Music projects has some pretty cool tips on creating or taking old stuff and putting a new spin on it. Check this article out to upgrade your music experience.

Ubuntu 10.10 Released

Ubuntu 10.10 Release Candidate

Image by Alastair Montgomery via Flickr

Free Operating systems are a beautiful thing, even thou I am a windows fan, its good to know that there are open source alternatives that are slowly but surely gaining on the paid OS packages. Check out this site to download Ubuntu 10.10

Public Wifi Do’s & Dont’s

Wifi network

Image via Wikipedia

So you might always be happy that you found that WiFi connection, you can now hit the internet and do all that stuff you wanted to do but beware, public WiFi connections are tricky beasts use them with caution, check this article on what to look out for and keep yourself safe.

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