Android’s Winamp


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So did you know that a new beta version of Winamp for the Android OS provides the capability to sync your Winamp playlist over WiFi, thats pretty useful, I always hate having to physically connect stuff in the age of wireless technology, check out the applications homepage here.

Fresh Coffee All Day?

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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Here is a pretty cool article on how to keep that pot of coffee fresh throughout the day, yes the entire day, but you shouldn’t really drink that much coffee, but that’s for another post, check the tip out here.

Improved Work Focus

The linked article talks about tips for improving our work day focus, something we all need at times, things can seem out of control, a project here, a task there to complete, check this article out on help on bringing some focus into your work life!

Google Cal & iPad

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So from what I understand Google Calendar is available for your iPad device, but it might not have the same color scheme as viewed from the Google site, to change this check out this article.

Hope & Pray that this world shines its light my way, when they pray for my downfall I stand stronger by Govinda’s grace…

wiFi Uses

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Most people don’t realize that you can do more than jump online with a wifi connection, in fact you can do a lot of neat things like, sync your devices VIA wifi, and other wireless services or connectivity can be established using WiFi,  uses for WiFi. Check this article out on other potential uses.

Halloween Pumpkins 101

Carved mini-pumpkin

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I always thought carving these guys and setting in front of your house or around the place was always a cool thing, but to actually create it is another. I almost lost my life when i tried to make one back in 89, lucky for me and now you, we have the following two resources for our scary pumpkin how to:

Pumpkin Illumination 101: CFLs, LEDs, and Lasers, Oh My

Carve and Preserve the Ultimate Pumpkin

Why do they have hard to read fonts?


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Have you always wondered why are there fonts that are so dammed weird you can hardly read them. Isn’t a font suppose to be read, why would you make one that made it difficult to read what the letter represented, well here is a good reason why this might actually help your memory in the long run, apparently the time it takes for you to figure out what the letter represents helps embedded that piece of information into your memory, check the article out for more info.

Go Thru Android Appstore Backdoor!

2008 Google Developer Day in Australia: Dan Mo...

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So like any online shop these days, there are certain restrictions imposed on what applications can be installed on your android based device determined by the good old folks up at Google. Now I am actually a big fan of Google, but sometimes you just need to freedom to do as you please, and if you feel this way when it comes to your android device, check this article out on some help with finding the android app store backdoor so to speak, enjoy!

Your Own Hackintosh?

PC case modified

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So i have heard about guys that gut out a Mac and then install it on a PC, and use Mac software, personally I’m not really sure what the point of this is, so if you would like to find out and tell us all back what is the point of doing this except to look extremely geeky, check this article out!


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