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Practical Hacking Applications

One of the teams attending Mashed08

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Hacking or cracking or other terms used to describe those of us other there that might modify a device we purchase to function in a different way than intended are usually defined as unethical people trying to exploit something, but in reality although in some cases it might be true, a lot of the hacking of electronic devices today are intended to extend a devices capability from the increasing restrictive models companies use to lock their devices down, a prime example being the iPhone, check this article out on the benefits of hacking!

DIY Automatic Bicycle Pump

Foot-operated bicycle pump

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Well this is more of a hack, maybe something you do in a worse case scenario, but i know people will find this cool, a automatic bicycle pump, even if it involves stealing the air from a cars tires *cough*, still interested if this doesn’t check this how to guide out!

iPhone Security, beware!

iPod touch - My PDA.

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As I have told a few of my friends over the last 2 years, the iPhone or Apple for that matter isn’t as secure of a product as you might think. Apple products have had the good fortune in that they are not targeted by hackers because of the relatively lower amount of users on those devices, but as those numbers change so will the attacks on the iOS. The glitch found in the following article is just a design flaw, but as seen with jailbreaks on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch it is clear that apple devices arent secure at all. Check the details on this glitch/exploit here.

Lockpicking, A educational guide

Lock-Keeper Appearance.

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Sometimes in order to protect something you need to know how it would be broken, in this case if you really want to rely on that lock try to break it, if you can then your not protected. If you intend to break into peoples property you’ll probably should find a good lawyer before you finish this article! To check the lock picking guide out check out here.

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