Gameboy App for Windows / Macs

Original Nintendo Gameboy.

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What is this, a Gameboy application that written in java for mac’s and windows! For all the old school gamers this is a pretty cool app when you wanna play a classic game from the 8 bit past, check the download into HERE.

Its M.O.E time, I see the point to natures “Lela” it only showed me what I already knew, every lesson can’t be observed so have to playout regardless of results

I seen it all, gonna have to take it to the top and laugh at the overgrown pions later, whatever you give me I’ll spit out 10x within the year.. 4DefDoe 83Trayz

DIY Cellphone Mount

Personal Handy-phone System mobiles and modems...

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Got an old binder, have a need for a Cellphone mount/clip? You need to check out the linked article that shows step by step how you can now re-purpose that old binder to hold your new cellphone. Check the article out HERE.

Quick File Sharing Ge.TT

Logo of StealthNet Anonymous File Sharing

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This new service offers free file sharing, without even having to register with the site, although if you do you probably have more control over the entire experience, you all should check out this service if you move small files here and their among peers, check the Ge.TT homepage HERE.

Android Clean Start

Android robot logo.

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Your android device was great out the box, but now a few months later you find the phone acts weird, and your wondering if a factory restore might help? Well check out this great article that can assist on your decision!

Check That Sales Price!

Evolution of indian retail

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What usually happens is people see a sale on an item, they see that it doesn’t cost the retail price, but is it really 20% off the retail price of the item or perhaps a mere 12%? Next time you shopping check this article out to stay informed.

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