Is That Android App Really Malware?


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Cyber Crime is on the rise, and with that said and the fact that although I like the Chromium based OS, its fairly new plus mobile technology isn’t always secure. So malware is a real threat to your mobile device, check this wonderful Lifehacker article on how to check that Application.

Looks ugly in #HouseofRep, can’t believe there so xtremist in the #US to #Vote the #TeaParty spots on the #senate, I see a dark road ahead of misrepresentation

How to Avoid getting sick!

Brain and Instincts

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You always known that as a child when you get sick, something in you says jump, run, skip even though your sick! Well seems like our natural instincts aren’t useless, a new study according to the following article says regular exercise can reduce the chances of you catching that cold, don’t believe me check the article out HERE.

Write like a “leaving the job” letter like a Pulitzer Prize Winner!

Pulitzer Prize Playhouse

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Lifehacker always drops great articles and today is no exception. I stumbled across an article regarding how to write “leaving the job letter” in a Pulitzer prize level, something I have been trying to do all my life! Well maybe not, but you might be interested in penning the a I got to leave this job letter, so if you want a pretty decent guide on your journey, check out this article!

Show the benefits of Remote work to the Bossman!

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As technology allows us to become more free, that also means that where we use to have to actually physically be in the office to access the companies specialized programs is no longer true, there are some very useful alternative ways to connect to work and do everything as if you were physically at the job. Well you’ll need to convince your boss of this and check out this excellent article on how to do just that!

Turn your iPod Touch / iPhone into Removable Hard drive

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This is something that i knew could be done in the past VIA a jailbreak and some additional changes made by installing software VIA cydia. When i did the process about 2 years ago, for the amount of effort put in, it wasnt worth the trouble. But today check this new little program being given away for free until 12/1/10 which allows you to use your iPod devices as a Removable Hard drive, or simply put it puts the device into “Disk Mode”, check out the program HERE.

Skip the BS next time you watch a DVD on your MAC

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I hate having to watch stupid FBI warnings and then a bunch of trailers to things you probably have no interest in, in fact you wish the dammed movie would start, hell you didnt catch the movie in the theater because you wanted to look at things at your own pace, and now you cant even do that, well fear not my friends, well MAC users have a solution to this issue, check this link out.

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