The only reason I haven’t understood the nature of this universe fully as yet is If I had focused my mind totally on this existance I would have destroyed “I”-?

Create your own Virtual Folders in Windows

A saved search in GNOME 2.14

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Some people like to organize their data by tags or other means and one of the most simple ways of doing this is to get some type of virtual folder program to manage your files and folders on your PC. Well here is a free solution to your virtual folder needs, if your interested check the product out HERE.

Need to find that perfect shirt Gentlemen?

The Young Person's Guide To Becoming A Rock Star

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The way a shirt fits a person’s reflects that persons style, just like other aspects of appearance the way your clothes look on you does matter. And then there is the major issue of finding the size that makes you look your best, well fear no more guys, check this great site on that can help you determine your perfect Shirt size.

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