Cheap Eyeglasses @ Costco’s?


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Apparently among the many reasonable priced items in Costco‘s inventory are eyeglasses, now I would have not thought to shop for them at this location but apparently according the article linked in this post, they are one of the cheapest hands on locations to purchase that new pair of eyeglasses. Actually the cheapest place to find a pair of glasses is online, glasses usually have ridiciolous percentages of markup added to the sale price so finding a deal is really important, check the article out HERE.

Fedora 14 Released Today

Image representing Fedora as depicted in Crunc...

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There is a new version of Fedora being released today, which improves on several different areas of the Linux Operating system, check out the distro HERE.

Chris & Cracc we hitting up Saw tonight? Got the green light from da folkz in flushing they down gotta hit up ray, and its a go

Advanced Linux Distro, Arch Linux

Logo of Arch Linux

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I came across this great guide for checking out a power users distro of Linux called Arch Linux. As a windows user you like the fact that windows is easy to use, and you don’t have to configure everything, but then you find yourself tweaking the system because the way it works by default doesn’t fit your needs, that’s where Linux shines in that you have the power to configure the system to your liking, and this distro allows you to take that to the extreme, check out this great Lifehacker article on why to use Arch Linux!

MobileMe Competition?

I took this photo of my iPhone and its SIM slot.

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For all your iPhone owners there is an application called MobileMe that offers the service of tracking, wiping, locking, locating your device for $99 which is pricy, check out this alternative that tracks, locates, rings your phone for $5, not the same exact service but it might work for you, check the applications homepage HERE.

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