Alcohol Toll on the body!


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You feel like a new person after a few drinks, slowly the person you are in the daytime fades away the alcohol kicks in and BAM, your dumbass you the version everyone laughs at, and people rob when you go home, and end up starting fights…. Maybe this isn’t you per say, but I bet a part of you does change, check this article out on the effects of Alcohol on the body!

Create a efficient Writing Environment

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When its time to sit down and write an article or paper it can get difficult to do unless you lock in at the task at hand. Writing requires a focus that unlike other task can’t be intertwined with distractions that will cause you to lose your mental focus, check this article out on how to avoid this downfall when you start to write!

Google Chromes Major Draw Back!

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I have been using Google Chrome for about over a year now, and have seen multiple updates to the browser. In many ways Chrome is a pretty decent browser, supports new technologies, Renders pages pretty decently, and is a secure browsers. But the one fault of chrome is the way it is designed. Because of the fact that each tab gets its own process, the CPU usage / memory usage of chrome is ridiculous, almost always maxing out system resources, worse yet if you run intensive content like video, your system can end up pretty much crawling due to the way Chrome works. I have tried it on different computers, ranging from Netbooks to Desktop machines with 4GB ram and chrome still managed to consume all of the system resources, and this is why chrome cant be your main browser, until you see these issues resolved by the good folks at Google, I would suggest you stay away from Google Chrome.

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