AppBrain Application Manager For Your Android Device

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From what I understand the Android Application Market on Android devices has some major shortfalls, which probably will be addressed at some point knowing Google and the rate of progress they are making on their mobile platform, but for the mean time check out this excellent third party Application Manager, AppBrain.

Fight back against that “Common Cold”

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I wish the common cold, would be an Uncommon event for me, but like most you just cant avoid catching it unless you live in a glass world. So the next best thing if you can’t prevent the fight is to be prepared for it, and what better way to prepare for battle than to do some reading, check this great article on how to combat that common cold!

SugarSync Upload Services Offers 5GB Space for Free

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If you need a service for syncing data from your desktop to mobile and back again, supporting windows, android, Blackberry, iOS but 2GB or 1GB isn’t cutting it for your digital data needs, check out this service that has just upped the space on its free accounts to 5GB, that’s a pretty good deal with all things considered.


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