Firefox 4 Beta 7, New Java Engine = Super Fast Web Browsing

This latest release of Firefox 4 is smoking fast, by far the best browser in terms of speed, considering it doesnt eat resources like chrome, I would have to say this browser is the best out in terms of performance. Once the addons get setup to work in Firefox as of now they are mostly in a disabled state, you can enable them but they tend to make the browser unstable, the Firefox Browser will be the future, check out Mozilla post on Beta 7’s Release.

Enabling Airprint Support for Mac OS X

So your need to print on that iOS device but you cant figure out to turn on that feature on your Mac Desktop, throw that over priced crap out and get a PC, no wait, check this article out on how to enable this on your Mac Desktop today!

F1 Link Posting Firefox Addon

I love to share links, im addicted to sharing information with those people I’m friends with on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and here is a great Firefox Addon that makes the process easy, posting links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts so everyone in your contact lists can enjoy that link you found today, check out the addon’s homepage HERE.

Fiction Writing Tips

Lifehacker is always dropping knowledge on us and they don’t stop that tradition now by post this great article on how to improve on your Fiction Writing with 10 useful tips from Kurt Vonnegut, check the article out HERE.

How To Kiss Your Bosses You Know What

Although an individual should be judged based on his work performance, it doesn’t help to give you boss more to like about you by doing a little ass kissing, and what better way to achieve this than to check out this great article on how to effectively kiss your bosses behind!

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