New TSA Screening Protocol

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Well it would appear the good folks and Homeland Security, or the TSA have decided to beef up the security procedure at airports by increasing TSA agents feeling up on passengers even more than they do now, so prepare to be groped at the airport people, check this article detailing the change in procedure.

More Writing Tips!

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Pouring on the writing tips hard today, and I have another wonderful article to check out in your pursuit for better writing skills, check the article out HERE.

Improve Those Grammer Skills

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More writing tips from Lifehacker, this time they are getting their grammar on or at least how to correct bad grammar using some web tools that every writing on a computer connected to the web in some cases not should know about, check the article out HERE.

Camera Tricks & Tips

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, now a Cold W...

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Another Great article by Lifehackers talking about ways we can hack / enhance our photo taking abilities. You would be suprised what you can do with your camera that isn’t discussed in the manual, check the article out HERE.

Improve Those Writing Skills


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Lifehacker has a great article on 10 ways to improve upon your writing skills, and even if your are a decent writer you might benefit from checking out these tips, HERE.

Have Someone Else Do That Work!

So your a DIY project type of person like myself, I spent 2 days working on a VPN connect and finally got it to work, but If i had the Money I could have gotten someone to help me do this, or do it for me, and a lot of the times it just might be worth having an outside source do that work, check this great article on how to Offset those DIY projects.

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