Port Forwarding Tester

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Creating a server at home using a Dynamic IP address can be a task that requires a lot tinkering to say the least, and some of that has to do with making sure your ports are open and things of that nature, check out this great service that will tell you if that port is open on your machine.


Google Hotpot

Wordmark of Google Maps

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This is a pretty cool service offered by Google that rates locations on Google maps by your own ratings of venues and your friends rating of them, so you can know if your friend bob went to that coffee shop and found hair in the cup of Joe he bought a few months ago or whatever the case may be, check out the blog release on this feature HERE.

Looking for Free WiFi?

Crystal Clear app wifi

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So your in search of free WiFi but the real question is where should you start looking, you can find it down the street, at the coffee shop, at some fast food restaurant chains, even other venues such as Airports have them, check this article about 12 spots you wouldn’t even expect that do have Free WiFi Coverage.

Worried about ISP putting a Cap on your Downloads/Uploads?

Free (ISP)

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I know for awhile i started to think that you can’t get the speed your suppose to from your ISP no matter what the case is, in fact you probably cant even get 3/4 unless you wait till 4AM eastern and test your connection. To really test to see if your ISP is limiting your connection check out this useful speed test HERE.

Google Voice For the iPhone

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So after Apple tried to block their users for over a year with their BS Store Policy dance you can officially get yourself setup using a Google Voice app available from the App store Today, check it out HERE.

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