Install Android on your iPhone

Android robot logo.

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You have your iPhone but you realize that the Android OS is far better, offers more for free and you just want it cause its cooler, but you figure your stuck on the iOS, well thank lifehacker for putting together this great guide on how to port the Android OS to your iPhone Hardware, a marriage Google loves, and Apple’s hates! Check the article out HERE.


Treat your photo’s like the Smithsonian Institution Does

Corydoras sterbai, a highly sought after speci...

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If its good enough for the Simthsonian Institution then its good enough for me, and I mean their techniques for keeping photographies in tact, check out the details HERE.

What to do with that surplus of cash!

National Lottery play here!21 sign

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So you just came up big on a lottery ticket, or perhaps some other unexpected source of income and you feel like your rich, well see what a billionaire would do if he got a few dollars, after all taking advise from some of these folks might lead you on your way to gaining great wealth, check the advice out HERE.

Driveway to Home Farm. The cottage at the star...

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Found this great website that has a form you fill out about your complaint regarding the way someone parked in front of your driveway or property so that they know they need to get it together!

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