Android Protector

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Came across this great Android application which allows you to password protect certain applications on your Android device. Sometimes you want to keep things private but still want to be able to lend your phone to your friend, or perhaps not have to chain your phone to yourself to ensure nobody looks at your private data, well you might need to check this application out, HERE.

Streaming Only Netflix Option

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Would appear someone at Netflix got the memo that more and more people don’t even use DVD‘s or disc media to watch video, more and more you find people having other means of holding data, such as Hard drives or internal space within their players which allows them to save digital content, so just have an internet connect, a device capable of saving a few thousand GBs, and Netflix streaming will allow you to have one more reason not to leave the house, check out the official announcement HERE.

Create Your own Overhead Touchscreen

A mini do-it-yourself (DIY) circuit.

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It’s a Lifehacker Monday and the trend continues with a great article on how to construct your own Overhead Touchscreen Monitor, need a semi-pricey DIY project well check the details out HERE.

Find Your iPhone For Free


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Check out this great Lifehacker article regarding using a free app to track down your iPhone in the event that it becomes lost in the hustle and bustle of day to day life, check the article out HERE.

Last Minute Turkey Thawing

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The Turkey you had is no good, and now your pressed to thew the turkey you just bought out in time for your inlaws to come, before they say dammit who did our son marry, fear not ladies and gentleman, check out this great video on last minute thawing, HERE.

Speed Up Card Recovery

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One of the quickest ways to ensure you don’t have to wait long for replacement cards if you lose your wallet is to report the wallet lost, this way all items that need to be replaced will be done so a little quicker with your office police statement, check out the logic behind there HERE.

You Have a Fake Work Feeling?

Sake Barrels

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At times doesn’t it seem as if we could do more, or what we are doing isn’t enough, sometimes we think what we do is down right fake, work for work sake instead of something meaningful, well explore those thoughts in this great article.

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