ftp, file sharing, mail, music streaming, web, vpn servers up and working! Putting up a P2P napster server and YnHub later tonight, going post info on WP site

Less Ad’s On Gmail.com Website

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Google offers great services but usually they subject you to a decent amount of ads but it seems google is ramping up the ads that are posted, and here is a way to slow the machine down HERE, check out a google blog post on the issue HERE.

Cyber Monday Top Deals Sites To Visit!

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I know a lot of people shop online more so in the past, and Cyber Monday is the day to hit up deals online, also you should in specific go after electronics because they will be the object of a lot of the deals you come across, check out these great sites where the name of the game is a deal!

SLICKDEALS  The Black Friday/Cyber Monday

FAT WALLET their Black Friday forum


RetailMeNot a special Cyber Monday page

an official Cyber Monday web site

WidgetBlock For Chrome

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This is a new addon for google chrome which allows you to block social networking widgets that are popping up on many blogs including mine, while this is useful for browsing on the go, might not want to do this if chrome your main browser and you still want to stay somewhat social, its not bad to let people know you like a site, like mine =) Check the homepage HERE.

Ten Registry Hacks For Lifehacker

Importance of User Experience

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Here is 10 useful windows hacks to improve the user experience of windows, lifehacker always coming with great stuff just beware, know what your doing, registry hacks can be tricky things since most people don’t have a clue what their reg does, check the article out HERE!

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