Very pleased to end this year, it to the top for me in 2011, anyone got a party/event to hit up?

Daniel C’s Tech Beat Achievement:1000 Views

Number of internet hosts by country, 2005

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So we are on the verge of the end of the month also the end of the year, and I was hoping that by the end of the year I would get at least 1000 hits on the site before the year ends, and it would appear that i am in luck, as of today Beast4romtheeast.Wordpress.Com crossed the 1k Hit mark! I knew that today I would need to have a drink, and now I know why. I am very pleased to reach this mark in less than 6 months of the site being launched (I launched the site in early August 2010). This is just the start of great things to come ahead in regards to getting information out there, this coming year I want to at least have 3k hits on the year, also want to official open a Sister site to this one, where Non-tech discussions and topics can be explored (I want to put more popular culture topics, Music, Movies, Sports issues on the sister Site), I want to start to create several Wiki pages, for now 2 for sure one for my iPod Jailbreaking experience and one for Windows Tweaks I recommend. I will also be offering Email Addresses to all registered users of this blog on request, as my gift to subscribers, as well as unspecified other benefits (got you thinking). I also at some point will have a Links site up where I will publish useful web links I have amassed over the last 15 or so years on the Internet. Thanks to everyone that has ever taken the time to check the site out, you make it all worth working on. At first this project was a way for me to kill time, get my mind off of things but slowly I am getting into wanting to do more and provide a real resource to people out there. Information is power and hopefully some of the information I have shared will increase your power!


1000 Hits PARTY!

Game Review: Civilization V (Civilization 5)

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For Xmas I decided it has been far too long since I have played a new game I actually liked, the last game being Civilization IV (Civ 4) no doubt which was an excellent game, with both expansion packs in play. This new version of Civilization 5 is as great a title as its predecessor. The game play has been simplified in my opinion making it easier to play for newcomers to the title. Although I liked the addition of Govt/Religion in the last Civ game, this games implementation was way easier to deal with, and not as overwhelming. The choice of civilizations is impressive, this time around you only have 1 leader per nation, also unlike previous versions of the game, new civilizations are being added by packs downloadable from the Civ 5 website. I also noticed that the general graphics of the game is much improved, also the tiling system for control of the map is different and easier to manage. The game has less units/buildings but I think that is a good thing as too much of either can become overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what each thing is for and when you should build something versus not. The game does need a 256MB Video Memory to run, and it does require a pretty decent machine to run the game, at least a 2GHz machine in my tests (my atom 1.6GHz machine couldn’t run it). Overall I think if your into a strategy game where your down to spend about 500 turns, use your mind to plan an empire, and then deal with whatever situation that might arise, Civilization 5 is a must have game.

Net Neutrality: What does it mean for you?

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Recently there have been some changes in law regarding Net Neutrality that pretty much effects everyone under the age of 25, because this group of people are very much attached to the web. The laws are a mixed bag of treats where some of the changes provide a better environment as web surfers, but the ISP also got some breaks, for a break down on Net Neutrality, check out this great Lifehacker Breakdown HERE.

Driving Tips for Snow / Ice Conditions

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A lot of crashes and other issues always pop up when a major snow storm hits a major city, part the reason for this is driving conditions become very hazardous, and many drivers are unprepared for the road conditions, and even less prepared for situations that might arise like dealing with Black Ice, check out this Wired article on driving tips for these hazardous conditions, HERE.

10 Office Upgrades before 2010 Ends


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You know that there is some office improvements you need to make before the year ends and now your pressed for time to get it done, well check out out the top 10 Lifehacker Office upgrades you can perform before the year is done, HERE.

Force Android OS Updates

Google Android

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Apparently not all carriers push the updates out for the Android devices they may have, and so you might actually have to have your phone go out on its own and look for those updates, check out this guide to the process HERE.

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