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Protect your Online Transactions!

Credit card

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So you are going to make that purchase online, but you are also aware of the fact that things on the internet can get crazy sometimes and don’t know if you really want to put your credit card information in someones online database, well check out this neat tip on how to use a temporary credit card number to make your next online purchase, check the article out HERE.

Tweetfilter Firefox Addon

Firefly Jumbo - Orbiter Add-on

Image by FlyingSinger via Flickr

Cool idea for this add-on, what it does is it filters your twitter feed to display things the way you prefer, perhaps you like to see certain phrases in the timeline, or re-tweets, you can customize your feed using this Firefox add-on check out the details on their homepage, HERE.

Accessing Your Data over Multiple OSes

Installer (Mac OS X)

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Your a brave soul, you installed linux and windows on your machine, maybe your even way advanced and have a triple boot with Mac OS X on there but you dont like having to copy data from one partition to another, you need a way to access your data regardless of which OS your in, check out this great article on how to achieve this goal, HERE.

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