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“FindTheBest” Magical Deal?

Front cover of the U.S. Magical Starsign package.

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We all buy things from time to time, shop for this or that, but we sometimes wonder, especially when funds are short that wow wouldn’t it be great if we could just find that magical deal within your budget, fear not friends, check this great website out that offer a some what magical service to consumers.



4G Network Numbers

Image representing Sprint Nextel as depicted i...

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First it was Sprint spamming the world that they are moving or partial a 4G network, now Verizon and T Mobile join the whirl with each carrier now touting their 4G networks, But what exactly is a 4G network, why should you care about being on it, and who has the best 4G network as of today, well I cant answer any of these questions per say, but this article might lead you on your way to making the right choice for your needs, check the article out HERE.

Tired have a long day tomorrow can’t sleep got a lot on my mind, wish things get easier with coming of the 22nd

Chrome Locks down Flash

Google Chrome Icon

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Seems flash is always in the mist of someones trap and this time it seems the good folks over at Google working on chrome decided Flash is to dangerous to be left in the wild and needs to be sandbox’ed. Check out the official post HERE.

Matchstick + Big Hole = Problem Solved


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This is a crazy tip, that you can figure out yourself, check it out HERE.

Make Gmail Smarter?!##@

Gmail's logo

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So your interested in getting your Gmail working a little less lag, less crap more gmail? Well you’ll be pleased with this blog release from the good folks at Google.

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