Make Cotton Candy!

cotton candy cupcakes

I like cotton candy, everyone does or should, its great and if you ever wondered can I make that, well you can, check this article out on how you can make this killer candy in your own home. Check the article out HERE.

Text Editors

vim logo

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Ever need a text editor maybe because your a programmer, or write scripts often/edit them, or just perhaps you like to use a notepad style program, but need more than what is offered by note pad, well check out some of these great text editor alternatives:









Your Own Air Cannon!

Popping a red water balloon.

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This was so crazy I had to post it, here is a great article about how you can create your own Air cannon to launch potato’s or water balloons check the article out HERE.

Top Tech DIY Gifts


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So you know some techie that means something to you and you want to really blow them away by getting them a gift they will love because you know they want that new tech something, well check out Lifehacker‘s top tech DIY gift list, HERE.

Upgrade your Car!

Red Alfa Romeo Spider in Lisbon

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So your want to give your car a few tweaks here and there, check out this great lifehacker article that talks about some great car hacks you can do over a weekend, HERE.

Tipping During The Holidays

the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

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When the holiday season comes around, you go out, and well you dont want to be the kill joy to someone’s holidays because your a bum tipper, well check this article out on how you should tip during the holiday’s season, HERE.

Forget To-Do list, Just Do It!


Image by jean-louis zimmermann via Flickr

For awhile I used to be into using Todo list as if that would help me get more work done, in fact it doesn’t, in fact you might get lost in updating and checking this list than actually doing things, check this article out on the topic, HERE.

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