The “AROUND” Google Search Operator

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So everyone knows about the “AND” or “+” operator when your doing a google search which makes google now search for both terms “a + b”, well this returns certain types of results, sometimes not really matching what you are looking for per say. Well check out this article which talks about when the “AND” operator fails you, try the “AROUND” operator, It might just find what your looking for, check the article out HERE.

Chrome OS Update/Chrome Web Store Launch

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So its been awhile since I heard and serious news about the development of the Chrome OS, but thats of course when Google will come out with something, and today they gave a little preview of what we can expect mid 2011 when Chrome OS will appear on at least 2 netbooks and possible other devices. Check out the Lifehacker Review of the Chrome OS HERE. Also open today is a Chrome Web store, which will be used to sell WebApps for the Chrome OS, the idea is that you don’t have to always be online to use someone of these apps anyways, so you can now purchase them from the store, find more information about Chrome Web Store HERE.

Play Your Wii Games From External HD

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I have tried to tell people for sometime that it doesn’t make sense to pay so much for the console out today without getting the most out of them, which in all cases (Wii, XBox, PS) means installing a Mod Chip, or some type of software hack to allow you to do other things with your system such as backing up your games for example, well check out this great guide on how you can play all your Nintendo Wii Games from a External Hard Drive, HERE.

Welcome Google eBookStore

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And as the world turns, so does Google the Internet Machine, and today it unveils the Google eBookstore, offering over 3 million titles, so open your horizons by making your next eBook purchase over at Google eBookstore, check the official google release site HERE.

The Real Deal about 4G Networks

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So you have always heard of 3G mobile data networks, but now 4G, what is this exactly, what can you expect from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile the 3 carriers in the United States that currently have this type of network, perhaps a better question is who has better data network speeds, coverage, data plans, check out this great article to get down the the nitty gritty about this issue, HERE.

Top How To Guides of 2010!


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Here is a great collection of how to guides of 2010 compiled by non other than the great folks over at Lifehacker, so do yourself a favor and check out this article you never know what new project you might find for yourself to do over the holiday break, or just for a good read, check the article out HERE.

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