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Here is a cool article chalking up the Lifehackers top 5 WebApps from Google’s Chrome Webstore, check the article out HERE.

Rental Rights!


Image via Wikipedia

So you probably don’t know as someone that rents a place, you are not just subject the the whim of your landlords every command, some things are your right, but you need to know what rights you have, check out this great article that talks about renters rights by state, HERE.

Android Device Slowing Down? Speed It Up Again!


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Like all devices, well most, over time the internal workings of the OS that runs the hardware may become sluggish due to, history, logs, cached information and may other factors lead to your device working differently than the first few days when you got it, well here is a great guide to take your Android Device for a tune up and have her running like brand new, check out the article HERE.

The Sleeper Affect

Nineteenth-century English Apartment House

Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr

So apparently people are not so easy to brainwash using media, in specific check out this article on experience done in WW2 that show that although you can strengthen someones beliefs, you can’t no brainwash them just by forcing them to read/look/hear information, check out the article HERE.

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