Quicktime: A complete Waste of a Video Player

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I have for years now used various players to play Videos, but there are two products that for as long as they have been around, really although they are popular titles offer terrible performance versus VLC player for exactly. Today I want to talk about QuickTime because if you have installed Itunes you probably have QuickTime installed. The program itself sports a lot of features, you’ll probably never use, the interface of the program is down right ugly, and the playback is questionable, with QuickTime also being a resource hog when it does manage to play a video. So say no to QuickTime, you might have a better video playback experience for it. Just my two cents. You can grab a copy of the VLC player HERE.

Improve Flash Video Playback With DIVX plugin


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You can’t get away from having some type of means of playing flash video on the internet, the problem is that adobes plugins tend to be well not designed to get the most out of your hardware, check out this DIVX plugin as an alternative to using adobe’s plugins to play flash videos, check more information on the product HERE.

Take a real break from Email

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If your like me you probably check your email 2 maybe 3 times a day, or leave a email client open, perhaps even have emails coming into your smartphone device, like I setup for my primary email account & blackberry. Well what happens when you want to go on vacation? You dont want a million emails when you return, nor do you want to be checking emails when your on vacation, so check out this article on how you can detach yourself from you email for a set period of time, HERE.

Foreclosure Listing On Google Maps?

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I know Google Maps can be used to see directions to some place in the area you never been to,  you can see street views of places, and so many other wonderful uses for Google Maps but now you can actually check the Foreclosures in a particular area using Google’s Map Service which is crazy, check out this article for more Details HERE.

Take your Apps To the Could with SPOON

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So you can stuff your USB drive with applications and take them on the go, you can even convert apps not meant for portability on the go, but what if you want to just run all this stuff from the cloud and now your can with a free service for windows call, SPOON.

Wake Up Without Coffee/Tea/Drugs

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So you probably know by now that we all have these morning habits, in fact we have a certain mode that we are in when we fresh wake up out of bed, realize that your alive for another day and go off on starting your day. Most of us have to drink some coffee, or drink tea, or perhaps a morning cigarette, well check this article on how to defunct all of these terrible morning habits, HERE.

Get 25GB Free Space From Dropbox

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Now at days you find most free File storage services capping things off at 2 – 5 GB of free space, if your a long time member maybe 7 – 9 GB, but 25GB of space is useful if you need to share files that are of a bigger nature, check out what you need to do to get 25GB from Dropbox, HERE.

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