Ten Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

warm winter woolen cap

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Need to stay warm this winter and need to figure by what means will your achieve these goals? Well make sure you check out the attached link that will detail 10 ways you can keep warm this winter, check the article out HERE.

Forget the Fake Work

No Video Games

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So you need to feel like you are actually doing meaningful things with your life, and sometimes in order to do that we need to sit back look at what we do and cut out the fake work, the things that we feel we need to invest in but in reality hold us back, check out this article on the topic, HERE.

Top Rated Photography Tips


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Lifehacker has rounded up their top 10 photographic tips, spice up those pics, alter them to look crazy, or whatever your fancy is I’m sure this article has something for you, check it out HERE.

Bacon Fresh out the Oven?

Into the frying pan, a scene in a Mharashtrian...

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Forget the frying pan the next time your going to chef up some bacon folks try the oven instead, think I’m crazy check out this article, HERE.

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