Thin Apps versus Bulky Apps

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When I first got into computing and you setup a computer you want all the brand name applications, because thats the nature of consumers, get the biggest, flashy application that has 10 million options that probably you won’t use. Well in order to beat this issue, I suggest instead of getting that bulky application you should consider opting for the thin one. Why? Well first off you will save disk space, bulky programs usually mean using a decent portion of disk space just to have the program installed. A good example of a bulky application is Quicktime versus VLC player. Both applications play videos, one takes about 50MB while the other takes about 30MB, next the resources needed by Quicktime to be running versus VLC is enough to see a difference on machines that have limited resources. Overall you would have a better experience with video playback using VLC. Another example is Winzip versus PeaZip, one application is about 10MB installed versus 6MB installed, the memory used to unzip files is different enough to notice again. Next time your shopping around for application make sure that you make your selection not only based on the name but keep in mind, do you need all those features? If not look for an alternative to those bulky applications for a better desktop experience.

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