Top LH Do It Yourself Projects Worth Trying

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So your like I need to do something productive on my down time, something that I can use, something practical something that wont cost an arm and a leg to do, well this probably means you need to get yourself together and check out one of these Do It Yourself projects that suites your needs.

Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

Binder Clips Keep Beverages Stacked in Your Fridge

Learn the Science Behind Glow Sticks by Making Your Own

Make a DIY No-Kill Mousetrap with a Toilet Paper Roll

Learn to Pick Locks for Fun and an Increased Understanding of Security

DIY Ultimate Note-Taking Notebook

>See a 10-Year-Old Fix an iPhone Screen for $22

Five Effective DIY Alternatives to Running Air Conditioner

One Good-to-Know Knot for All Occasions (and a Few Others for Good Measure)

Build a $3.50 DIY Micro TV-B-Gone

Seven DIY iPad Stands for Six Bucks or Less

Make a Cheap Stylus for iPad and Other Touchscreen Devices

Build a Custom Phone Car Mount for Under $10
















Use WebApps In Chrome Without The Tracking


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There is now a push to use chrome webapps to do things and for certain task you certainly can go ahead and use these applications to achieve your desktop computing needs, but when you use webapps you usually get tracked for advertising purposes, so check out this product that can allow you to use all those webapp without getting tracked, Disconnect for Chrome.

Improve Your Resume


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So you are about to re-write or maybe write a resume for the first time, usually this is the first thing an employee will see that was produced by you so you must ensure that it represents you in a light that reflects wonders to your potential future employer, so for all my friends on that quest, check out this article which might lead to some useful tips when writing your resume, check the article HERE.

Gmail Contact Restore Feature


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Deleted a contact and wish you could get an undo? Or perhaps you just want to go through who you deleted the other day, whatever the case the good folks at Gmail now has a pretty useful Restore Feature, check out their official blog post about the feature, HERE.

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