Delicious Shutting Down, Save Your Links!

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I have been using this service for years, was one of the more popular ones among sites that offered this type of bookmark management services but unforunately it would appear the people over at Yahoo no longer find the service profitable i would imagine it the reason why it is being shut down, well check this article out with set you can take to export your links out before the the final curtain call on Delicious, check the article out HERE.

Clean up your Email

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So if you get like 10 billion emails, and your subscribed all over the web, and you need to get things in order well check out this great article on how to achieve this goal with some software, some filters, and some free, time, check the article out HERE.

Opera 11 is Here, Opera Add-ons will hopefully come soon

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The web browser Opera has made its way to version 11, and with this version comes the addition of add-ons to a browser that had everything but this feature, now that this is here, I can see no reason why Opera isn’t a viable option for any power internet browser, check out more information HERE.

Static Electricity solution?

Electric Slide

Image by kretyen via Flickr

I from time to time suffer from this, I always wanted a super power but it sucks when you only can get zapped by it yourself, but this can be a problem if you have to handle sensitive equipment, so check out this potential solution to the problem, or at the very least an option to explore in your battle with static electricity, check the article HERE.

Google Maps update for Android Devices

Wordmark of Google Maps

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So you use Google Maps on your android device, well Google has released and update which adds some pretty cool new features to the already useful application, check out more information HERE.

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