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Well if your like me you walk into the campus book store and want to run out, matter a fact you realize you totally got life wrong you should have taken the major that would lead up to opening a college bookstore on some campus out there and just charge 10x what the books cost you! Well beat all that crap out by checkout some of these online retailers of college books to see where you might be able to save a few bucks:











Google Wave functions alive in Google Shared Spaces

Google Wave

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One of the great ideas that came from the Google Wave product was the concept of Robots and Gadgets and other little mini programs that you could embed into a email, or a Wave, and now these programs can still be used, all you have to do is visit Google Shared Space, create a space, put some objects into your space and direct your friends to interact with your favorite Google Wave Robot, check out more information HERE.

Divvy Desktop management software

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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So you are into having everything on your desktop exactly the way you want it well fear not people, check out this program that will help you get your windows in the right place on your desktop, check out the program Divvy.

No more validation crap from MS Office

To the Power of Three

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Seems like the people at MS have decided to pass on using the WGA technology that presented people with pirate copies of software, in some cases even legit software to be prompted with stupid messages telling you your using a product that isn’t legit. As a power user and a technician this technology can be annoying when doing with various situations like VLC of products, imaging computers, virtual environments, etc, check out an article talking a bit about this topic HERE.

Using Dropbox to Sync Itunes?

iTunes Icon

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Lifehacker is always exploring the possibilities of software and they dont stop here, when they detail a way to use dropbox to sync your iTunes library across multiply computers, check the article out HERE.

Opera 11 is Here.

"O" logo used by Opera Software as t...

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Although I am not using Opera as my default web browser, I may have to reconsider that thought once their extension library increases, as well as getting a taste of some of the new features included in Opera 11, check out a copy HERE.

The cost revealed of commuting in 90 US cities!

A composed satellite photograph of North Ameri...

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So you know that it costs to travel but perhaps your interested in know how much your city stacks up against 90 other cities in the US, check out more information HERE.

Hidden features in your Mac Applications?

Mac OS X Snow Leopard desktop

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So when you use a Mac, everything sometimes seems so simple, you dont really see that many options or settings, well check out this great article detailing how you can find the hidden options to your favorite Mac OS X Application, HERE.

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