Cnet Android App Starter Kit

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So your a new owner of an Android based phone that you got for xMas Yay, one can only be so lucky, the problem is you have never used this type of mobile operating system before and sort of lost as to what to do to get new applications, what applications are available for the platform, etc… Well check out this great list of applications the good folks at provided as a good starting point for your new Android device, check the article out HERE.

How does the Tax Cuts effect you?

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And so now your heard that congress and the house have passed a tax cut bill and it should allow you to see more income next year, maybe depending who you are and your situation. If your like me and although you hear and read what is being passed but still don’t understand the direct impact it will have on your day to day life, check out this article that tries to break down the changes, HERE.

Swap links from Desktop to Mobile Device!

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You ready to step out and start your day, but you would love to keep on reading this article you just found while on your desktop, now all you have to do is fire up this little site, which will send the link to your mobile device, which is a pretty useful service, check out more details on how its done, HERE.

Pay for that Program Once in a Blue!

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Over the last 2 years, I have slowly made the move away from commercial software suites to open source, for one you get a product you want for free, and Open source usually leaves the end user with more choice in matters, opposed to commercial programs which conform to standards they decide, which can be based on logic, or marketing, or plain stupidity. But in some cases its best to shell out a few bucks and buy that product, don’t believe me check out this article regarding the topic, HERE.

Hidden For Mac’s, Macbook Theft Recovery Software!


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So you turned around to put that book back on the shelf at the library and bang some dude doing the 100 yard dash, just grabbed your laptop and jetted out the library at max warp, Now what! Well not to fear my friend you read this article a few weeks before and installed this program called Hidden which by the way is free until January 11, If your interested in low jacking your Mac check out more information about the program HERE.

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