Gift Ideas from Geolocation Social Networks like Foursquare?

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Came across a great article that has a way to get ideas for gifts for your friends and family this holiday season, since you are on Foursquare or another Geo-location based social network (Gowalla, Facebook Places) , perhaps check the places your friends are checking in lately or in the next day to see where you might be able to snag a gift for the special someone, check out the article HERE.

Rubberize Your Mobile Device

Samsung Galaxy

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Everyone has some type of electronic device, even if it isnt a smartphone you might have a MP3 player or something that could be protected from unavoidable drops, check out this great DIY project on how you can rubberize phones like the Samsung Galaxy or Nexus, check the article out HERE.

5 Free Android Games

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Got a new Android smartphone and your dying to put some games on it, well check out this article about 5 fun Andriod games for Free, HERE.

Newspaper Firelogs for the Fireplace!

A Christmas tree inside a home.

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You ever get a stack of old newspapers lying about and wonder what you can do with them asides dis-guarding them to the trash? Well take on this DIY project and turn that old Newspaper into a Fire log for the Fireplace this Xmas and holiday season, Check out the video how-to HERE.

Free Nike Fitness Application for iOS

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

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Check out this new application from Nike for iPhone or iTouch, iPad, it is a fitness application, did I mention is is free, check it out HERE.

Why does the other line move faster?

Chennai dancers

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So your standing on line, and doesn’t it always seem like the other line is moving faster, wouldn’t you know that there is a reason for this, find out more on the subject HERE.

Workplace design Suggestion?


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Lifehacker has a great series of workplace design concepts for your workspace. If your the management of your office this might be a interesting article to check out before doing remodeling of your workspace, design goes a far, check this article for some pretty good ideas, HERE.

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