Force Android OS Updates

Google Android

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Apparently not all carriers push the updates out for the Android devices they may have, and so you might actually have to have your phone go out on its own and look for those updates, check out this guide to the process HERE.

Merge your Loyalty cards into One!


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So you got a card for Food town, Best Buy, Walgreen, Modell’s, and the list goes on, but carrying around all of those cards can be a hassle to say the least. There are some new alternatives to this plight, but the most creative is this one HERE.

Windows Phone 7 Applications


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The good folks over at Lifehacker has put together some of their top applications for the Windows Phone 7 Mobile platform, check out the list HERE.

Nap time on the Job?

Fuck Time Art Work

So there apparently is a debate out there as to weather employers should allow their employees to take a nap during their shift as this might actually make them more productive than taking a unscheduled nap during the work day, wonder where these people work, and how I can get this job, but anyways if your want to learn more about this debate check out this article, HERE.

Online Resume Advice


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And now your working on your Resume and think I wish i had some way of making sure this Resume looks okay to send out to future employers. Well Now you have such a resource in this wonder site linked to this article which will scan your Resume, and give you suggestions on how to improve upon your Resume, check the site out HERE.

Windows Startup Do’s and Don’t

Power h

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You are now a power user and have decided you want to take more control over your computer you start first with trying to tweak the machine to run faster, this might lead you to messing with what programs start up with windows, if so you might find this site very useful in your startup tweaking adventures, check the site HERE.

Bodyscanner used at your local Airport?

self destroying sticker seal of the TSA, stick...

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Although these bodyscanners have been deployed by the TSA throughout the countries airports, apparently they aren’t in use at every since airport, for a list of where has they units in use or not check out this link HERE.

Gift Card uses

Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

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You got a gift card but have no idea exactly how you plan to use it, well fear not my friend, check out this great lifehacker article on how you can use the Gift Card out this holiday season, HERE.

Nosedial forget dailing with fingers, use your Nose?


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This is a crazy application that out for the iOS that allows you to use your nose to dial a number how ever that is suppose to work, need to see that I am telling the truth check the application out HERE.

Green Document Format?

The updated World Wrestling Federation logo us...

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So there is a new format out there that when used does not allow the document to be printed, this might seem odd, but there are some applications for the WWF format, if your interested in being Green and saving paper, check it out HERE.

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