Gift Card uses

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You got a gift card but have no idea exactly how you plan to use it, well fear not my friend, check out this great lifehacker article on how you can use the Gift Card out this holiday season, HERE.

Nosedial forget dailing with fingers, use your Nose?


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This is a crazy application that out for the iOS that allows you to use your nose to dial a number how ever that is suppose to work, need to see that I am telling the truth check the application out HERE.

Green Document Format?

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So there is a new format out there that when used does not allow the document to be printed, this might seem odd, but there are some applications for the WWF format, if your interested in being Green and saving paper, check it out HERE.

Defeat that Eat then Sleep Feeling

Quest for Fire (film)

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For many people after they have a meal, it is bedtime or at least you start to feel a bit lazy, you would rather not get up now or do that dishes. Perhaps if we knew more about the issue we could combat it, well if you are on that quest, take a step down the road HERE.

Handmade Gifts for purchase at etsy

Gift for Life

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This is a pretty cool idea, you can go to this site and look for handmade things as a gift to someone, which is pretty cool since its going to be a unique gift for that unique person in your life perhaps, check out the site HERE.

Major Retailer Return Policies

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So you racked it up this year with a few gifts, but one or two of them need to be returned because you really have not use for it and the best gift would be cash or store credit, check out this article about the US major retailers return policies HERE.

Insure your Pet?


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This is a pretty wild article, well if your a pet lover I can see how you might do things for your pet, but getting insurance, better yet this article talks about self insuring your pet, hrmmm….. if you dare read more click over HERE.

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