Locate a M.I.A. iPhone/iOS Application?

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Here is a neat trick to use when you can seem to locate that application you have among the 20k or so applications you probably discovered since having your iOS device. Check out this great article that will have you locating you applications in no time, check it out HERE.

How to pack your Suite and get zero Wrinkles!

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So your on your way to some wonderful wedding and your packing your clothes and your like dammed I don’t to have to take an Iron or do anything to these clothes which I could pack them in a way where they did not become mashed up or get wrinkles, check out this video for advice on how to achieve just that, HERE.

Free Blu-Ray Ripper Program from Now Till 1-10-11

Front side of a 200GB Blu-ray Disc

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Set right up and check out this great give away of a Blu-ray Disk Ripper program which is being given away free by the publishers of the program for the next few days until 1-10-11, I suggest getting a copy regardless if you use it right now or not might have a use for it down the line as Blu-Ray becomes more popular, check the site out HERE.

Setting up Dolby Sound the Correct Way

Dolby Surround

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Found this great resource and had to share it, this site will ask for a little bit of information regarding your Dolby Sound Systems stats, and it will the give you a diagram of how you should layout your Sound System/ Home Entertainment to maximize the sound, check the site out HERE.

Speed Dial for your iPhone?


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So you have longed to place a few Speed Dial icons on your iPhone home screen area, but never found out how exactly can you do this, or even if its possible, stop thinking about how it works and check out how these folks setup Speed Dial Icons on their iPhone, HERE.

Tips on How to get a Job you have no Relevant Experience In

SAU Student Center, Magnolia, AR

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I thought this is a great article to check out when your coming out of a Course or Degree program and you don’t have actually experience in your field and trying to find ways to get your foot in the door, to actually do what you claim you know how to do, check out this great article that talks about techniques you can use to fill in the gap so to speak, check the article out HERE.

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