Mobile Twitter Issues?

Since miday seems like twitter mobile sms tweets are broken, twitter needs to build a stronger backbone

Reduce your Cravings?

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So you might not believe this but did you know the next time you are fighting that craving, no matter if its a diet, or smoking, or whatever the case may be, one way to beat that craving is to take a walk, something I have done a lot in the last year, not only does it help with cravings but it can also help when you are upset or emotionally out of balance and need to regain equilibrium. Check out this NYT article on how walking can help defeat that craving, HERE.

Forming Good Habits

Habits of Minds

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The folks at Lifehacker have put together a very useful article on how to implement and maintain good habits, which might be a useful read if your have a new resolution that requires you to develop some new habits, check the article out HERE.

Custom Weather Alerts

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Hopefully your get free SMS text messaging, now with that said, wouldn’t it be cool if your could get weather updates VIA SMS, well you can set this up, just have to know how and where, check out this site to do just that, HERE.

Disposable Email Address

email address

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So you need to use an email address to do something but you don’t to use your personal email address, or for whatever reason just need an email address for this one transaction well, check out this great site that offers just that, an email address for one use, check the site out HERE.

Let’s see how image uploads work, fordham rd

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