Managing Your Digital Photo Collection

Digital Photography Class

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Digital camera are all over now, and everyone is taking pictures like never before, but are you up-keeping your digital photo collection properly. You would hate if someone spilled juicy onto those photo’s so you dont place them next to hazards like eating areas/kitchen, likewise there are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure your digital photos also withstand the test of time, check the article out HERE.

Harden Your Mobile Device

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Got a new smartphone, need to make it more secure, well check out this article that has some pretty basic techniques you can use to secure your mobile device, check the article out HERE.

Breaking bad Habits

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So one of those resolutions involves you breaking one of those habits thats just been a bad news for you for awhile now, check out this article by on some ideas you can use to help you combat that bad habit, HERE.

Need Wallpaper For your Desktop?


Some people love to make their desktop have a certain look and feel, and to that end you probably need a wallpaper on your desktop to achieve this goal, well check out some of these wallpapers:

Space Doggy

Strange Forecast

Predatory Hipmunk

Road to Forever


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