Decrease the chance your Email is marked as Spam

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So you need to use your own email server, using your domain, but many popular web mail services marks your email as spam, check this great article on how to defeat this issue to a degree, check the article out HERE.

Use Google Voice Outside The US

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Google Voice is a great service and offers a lot to users in the United States, but what if you need to use your Google Voice account outside the states, how does this work, well check out this great article on this topic for the next time your outside the states and need to make calls VIA Google Voice, check the article HERE.

Facebook Shortcuts

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Don’t feel like moving the mouse? Or perhaps your more comfortable with keystrokes rather than navigating here and there, well check out this collection of Facebook shortcuts that will cut down your need to click away, check the listing HERE.

Why do New Year Resolutions Fail?


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So you always gear yourself up every year to do something different the next but those goals always seem to fail, well understanding the issue from another angle might help check out this article on why these resolution tend to fail, HERE.

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