Discount Software for .EDU Email holders!

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So your a student looking to get some discounts because your on a fixed income and you need to get a program for whatever reason, check out this great article that points you in the directions of student discounts based on your .EDU email address, check the article out HERE.

Software Discovery

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So your looking for a program but don’t know where to find it check out this article that will help you on your mission, HERE.

Secure your Android Devices Data

Google Android

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So you store various information on your android device because it is easier for you but your afraid that if your phone gets lost someone will have access to your entire life, check out this great app for securely store data on your Android device, HERE.

DIY Bottle Opener

Side can opener

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So your into making your own stuff for the custom look for the great feeling you get from building and creating your own goods, so why not undertake this great project to build your own Bottle Opener, check the article out HERE.

Find Hotel Deals with Priceline

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Need a hotel when your out of town, or perhaps you just need the services of a hotel for a night, check out this great web service that might be able to lead you great deals, check out the service HERE.

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