What is the Internet! For non-tech savvy people

Cover of "The Internet (Mediawise)"

Cover of The Internet (Mediawise)

So your new to the internet you generally have an idea of what it is, but do you truly know how it works, all that it has to offer, how you can not only gain but also give back while on the internet, well check out this great article by the chrome team that explains exactly what the internet is to not technical minded people, check the article out HERE.

Cleaning a LCD Screen?

Home cinema setup Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD TV. Ful...

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So you are about to do some household cleaning and that LCD Television or monitor is collecting a little to much dust, everyone on TV looks a bit more blacker and darker it seems, well forget that blurry crap, check out this great tip on how to get that LCD screen looking as clean as the day you got it, check the article out HERE.

Question Engines

The Question Is What Is the Question?

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Need to ask a question, and using the internet as a tool to find the answer, check out this top 5 listing by lifehacker of the best places to ask a question online, check the article out HERE.

Tin Can Wifi Booster?

Wi-Fi Alliance logo

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This is a amazing DIY project you can do to improve your Wifi singal by of all things using a Tin can and some other things to improve your routers Wifi signal, pretty crazy right, check the article out HERE.

DSLR camera transformed into a Professional Camera

Samsung GX-1S DSLR camera.

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So you spent the money to get that new DSLR camera and if you made this investment why not get the most out of your camera, check out this great Lifehacker article on how to supercharge that DSLR camera, HERE.

Human Burnout

Dust Storm in Black Rock Desert, Nevada (USA).

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So your feel like your overworked, you get no pleasure from the things that used to make you happy, you just feel like life is one big drag, well check out this article that can help you detect when you are crash and burning and need help, check the article out HERE.

Most People are Quitter

NYC - Brooklyn - Williamsburg: Ashes to Ashes

Image by wallyg via Flickr

I always thought that what separates most people from achieve success in life is that they quit, people have a natural tendency of quitting, and apparently this is verified by science, so those of us that are successful and achieve what few others can, should rejoice to know that you went against your own nature to strive for a greater existence, check the article out HERE.

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