The difference in Audio Formats

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So you ever wondered what really is the difference between Lossless formats and lossy formats when it comes to audio files, perhaps you confused as to why you would want a FLAC track instead of a MP3 file for the same song, well end your confusion by reading this article that details what the purpose of each format is for, and what best suits your needs, HERE.

Unsilence your Android Device for Emergency Calls

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So you keep your phone on silent but there are a few people you will field calls from regardless of the time, or whatever the situation maybe, but how do you know if they called in the first place after all the device is on silent, well check out this pretty cool trick you can perform on your android device to get those emergency calls through those silence periods, HERE.

Getting A Little upset at yourself can be a Good Thing

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So sometimes we question ourselves by asking what the fuck are we really doing here with this project, or task, and you know what this might not actually be a bad thing, in fact in can sometimes help you move forward by doing this type of talking to yourself, check this article on how it works, HERE.

How to defeat Procrastination with a Stopwatch?

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So you suffer from procrastination and your looking for a solution to your problems, well not to fear, check this article out on how you can use a stopwatch to curb your procrastination, HERE.

Email Reply Strategy

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So you get a few emails a day that you have to reply to but you sometimes get overwhelmed and don’t always reply in the most efficient manner, well solve that issue by check this article out with some useful tips on the issue, HERE.

How to crack or prevent cracking of Mac Applications

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This is an amazing article that talks about the security issues associated with Mac Applications, how they can be cracked and how to prevent your applications from being cracked, check the article out HERE.

Stream from one iOS device to another

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So you use airplay but it won’t let you stream your iPad data to your iPhone, well check out Airview for that, HERE.

Work Email Accounts are not for Personal Use

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If you use your work email account for personal use, your employer can search your email at any time and use it in any way they see fit, so use work email for work and personal email for everything else, check an article out that talks about the legal issues HERE.

Custom Papercraft Toys

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This is a pretty cool article that gives tips on how to create your own papercraft toys which is cool, because everything doesn’t have to be from toy-r-us you can actually entertain children with something as simple is your creative mind, some paper and time, check the article out HERE.

Open doors with Text Messages?

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This is a pretty cutting edge DIY project where you setup a door to be opened by text message, which in a lot of ways is pretty neat, can be useful when carrying goods or just don’t want to carry around keys, check out the details of the project HERE.

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