Work Email Accounts are not for Personal Use

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If you use your work email account for personal use, your employer can search your email at any time and use it in any way they see fit, so use work email for work and personal email for everything else, check an article out that talks about the legal issues HERE.

Custom Papercraft Toys

Toy R Us - Superman

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This is a pretty cool article that gives tips on how to create your own papercraft toys which is cool, because everything doesn’t have to be from toy-r-us you can actually entertain children with something as simple is your creative mind, some paper and time, check the article out HERE.

Open doors with Text Messages?

Texting on a keyboard phone

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This is a pretty cutting edge DIY project where you setup a door to be opened by text message, which in a lot of ways is pretty neat, can be useful when carrying goods or just don’t want to carry around keys, check out the details of the project HERE.

Transform your Dining table into a Ping Pong Table

A competitive table tennis game.

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This is a pretty useful DIY project where you take a Dining table probably the one on the way out and transform it into a ping pong table, which is pretty cool way to kill time at home, check out the details of the project HERE.

Sandbox Home Office?

Paralelas a la Perdiguera II

Check out this far out DIY project where you make a sandbox home office, looks wild, people will always remember your business if anything they can’t for get the sandbox they conducted a transaction in, check out this article for more details, HERE.

Presentation tips from the Kings Speech

Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and phil...

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Check out this article that has some tips from the Kings Speech on how to conduct your own presentations perhaps in a improved manner, check the article out HERE.

Improve Evernote speed in Windows

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Check out this article that talks about a cool hack you can perform to get Evernote for windows working a bit faster if it currently isn’t working that great, check the article out for more details on the Hack, HERE.

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