Take a magnet to your next Used Car purchase?

Red Lamborghini Gallardo, to be used as an icon.

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So your in the market for a used car but don’t want to be suckered in by some con-artist that has his eyes set on selling you a lemon. Check out this article with a neat tip on how to detect rust and replaced panels on a car with a refrigerator magnet, check out the article for more details, HERE.

Order Takeout with this Smartphone App

BlackBerry 8800 (Cingular Version)

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This is a awesome applications for people like myself, that order takeout but just can’t be bothered to actually dial the number then actually speak to the person, I rather just type or tap the touchscreen a few times and have a order appear a half hour later or so, if your like me, have a blackberry, Android, iOS device then check out this application for take out HERE.

Some States offering free E-Filing on your State Returns this year

The western front of the United States Capitol...

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Usually you only get free E-filing of your Return on the Federal level, well a few states have decided to wave the E-filing fee for your State return too, which is pretty cool, This is the way it should be, we shouldn’t have to pay to file tax returns,check this list of states to see if your state is among the free file program, HERE.

Your brain is more like a smartphone than you might think

Positron emission tomography image of a human ...

Came across this cool article that shows the similarities between the human brain and the way smartphones work, your like what, don’t believe me check the article out for yourself, HERE.

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