Put OSx on a Thumbdrive?

USB flash drive

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So you probably know that you can install some operating systems on a USB stick, Linux has a few flavors meant just for a USB stick, in other cases you can port a desired OS into a USB stick for bootup, and now here is a great article on how to put OSx on a thumbdrive, I will post a article on my experience when I try this out soon hopefully, check the article out HERE.

Study by creating your own Tests

Reading a book

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Instead of re-reading a piece of text a 1,000 times you probably be better off making up some questions based on the topic and test yourself, ask your self questions in different ways, along side reading the material, I have used this and this does work well, because if you truly want to learn something remember the text is not the way, check this article with more detail on the topic HERE.

Secure your iPhone

iPhone 4 showing the home screen.

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Got a iPhone but keep hearing about the security issues popping up with iTunes or the iOS, but the point of a smartphone is to do everything on it? Well if you secure your device you can feel safe doing anything on your device, check this article out on how to better secure your iPhone HERE.

Writing can help learning more so than Typing

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So when I was in class for the last 2 years I have only typed notes for several different reason and for me this works great, but for others I have heard they learn better by actually writing their notes out, the act of writing has a different affect on the way you remember the material perhaps, check this article out on the topic to see whats right for you HERE.

10 Saving space Tips

Texas Tech alumnus Rick Husband was the final ...

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Check out this great article that offers 10 ways for people to save space in their home, if you have a small apartment or working with limited space in your place you might want to check this article out for a few space saving tips that might serve you well, check the article out HERE.

15 minute workout without exercise machines!

Marine of the United States Marine Corps runs ...

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Check out this 15 minute a day workout no exercise machines needed that apparently has worked since 1900 when it was developed, might be worth giving a go seems some what time tested, check out this article for more details on the exercise, HERE.

Software Updates: Firefox 4 Beta 10, CCleaner 3.03, LibreOffice 3.3

Mozilla Firefox Icon

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So here are a few new software releases that look promising and if your using these programs you probably should upgrade right away, Firefox is coming close to going into RC, although the speed is great Firefox 4 is still having Add-on issue, crashed once, CCleaner hopefully working on there programs Windows temp files issues, and LibreOffice is a breath of life into the OpenOffice product line.

Firefox 4 Beta 10




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