Rent versus Buying

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So your thinking should I be renting a place out or should I be working towards buying a place? This question can have so many factors that drive the ultimate outcome you might need some help, check out this article on some help on the issue with a pretty neat grid, HERE.

Defrost pipes with salt water

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Here is a trick you can use the next time you have frozen pipes, use some salt water! Well its a little bit more to it than that, check out this article on the details to the processes and weather it will work for you, check the article HERE.

CNN’s 8 least evil banks


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At the end of the title i should have put LMAO, least evil banks what a joke but check out what CNN considers some more angelic banking institutions, check the article out HERE.

Make and host your own Start Page

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Some people like to have their own custom start page, I have tried this out a few times, there are some great ones out there, that have wonderful things to offer as soon as you open up your web browser so you can get at what you want right away, check out more about setup this page, HERE.

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