Being comfortable can drop Productivity

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Check out this article that talks about how getting comfortable can actually set your productivity levels down, which makes sense maybe some of us work better when we are on the edge, want to learn more about the issues check the article out HERE.

How to get around country wide Internet Blackouts?

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This is a pretty useful article on how you can bypass a blackout by a nation if they are going through some period of unrest like in Egypt today. Check out the details on how to bypass the blackout and keep your online presence alive and kicking, HERE.

Exercise Your Brain With these activities

Brain Injury (journal)

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I came across this cool Lifehacker article that has 10 different brain exercises to keep the mind sharp, might be worth picking up a few of these habits just to keep the brain flowing properly, check the article out HERE.

A Hardware Bolt Guide

A few eye bolts, with wood screw threading.

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I am not a hardware man at all, but you do need to know some basic things from time to time, like what this type of bolt might be used for or a similar question, well check out this guide when you need to clear up your idea about what that bolts used for HERE.

Tips & Tricks to Save Energy

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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For so many reasons it is always a good idea to employ techniques to reduces your energy footprints, not only to save you money to but to save earth on the whole, and to preserve the world for the future, so check out this article that has some great energy saving tips you can use today, HERE.

Qwiki, Find anything With this webapp

Topic Maps

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Here is a new webapp I came across that can be used to find out about anything you want, and it will roundup all the main points on the topic, to a degree, check the service out HERE.

Tuna Oil Lamp?

A diya - Indian oil lamp.

Image via Wikipedia

Need a lamp but have limited amount of resources but some old tuna container, and into trying a DIY project, check out this article on how to make an Oil Lamp from a Tuna container HERE.

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