After attempting to install Win7SP1 my netbook has been stuck in a loop, so
looks like I might be back up by Wednesday night with the netbook, and
hopefully Thursday have tons of post to share, sorry for the downtime! One
of my first post will be this Win7SP1 experience and how you can avoid the
same faith. Will also post a follow up on my android experience as in the
last week I have pretty much done all you can to the device. Till then catch
up on some of my recent posts and enjoy your day!

Shopping at Bulk retailers like BJ’s and Costco the Right Way!

Entrance of a typical Costco warehouse club.

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So you shop at a bulk retailer to save money, but at times the deals in these places makes us want to make bulk purchases of items we don’t really need or items we did not intent on buying, well check out this article that may be able to help the next time you walk into a bulk retailer like Costco or BJ’s, check the article out HERE.

Splashtop For Windows. A Chromium Based OS

Main logo and icon for the open source interne...

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So all you do is internet based, and your ready to make the leap and move to an OS that is totally about the internet, well check out Splashtop a OS based on Chromium, It will work on most windows machines, for more information check out their homepage HERE.

Keeping your Kitchen Sponge clean


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So you ever wonder how you could better keep your kitchen sponge clean, well check out this DIY project that is super cheap and simple that you can try to achieve this goal, check the article out HERE.

Remove unwanted noise from your Audio

The Real (The Boondocks)

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So you have a new audio recording from your secret mission and you need to clean the audio up before giving it to the head agent, check out this article that talks about how to clean up your audio recordings of unwanted noise, well maybe you dont have to be a secret agent to read the article HERE.

Fake Happyness just makes things Worse

Logo of The New York Times.

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So you know they say sometimes that you should appear happy even when your not, well maybe repressing your feelings isn’t the best way to get past a bad period in your life, instead of the fake smiles and pretend behavior positive thinking may lead you quicker to happyness than a pretend smile, check out this New York Times article on the topic HERE.

US National Broadband Map

View on tier 1 and 2 ISP interconnections

Image via Wikipedia

So your interested in getting broadband internet service in your home, but you want to know who offers the most bandwidth in your area, well check out this wonderful map but together that tells you which ISP’s have what type of broadband internet service in your area check the map out HERE.

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