Organize Your Kitchen For Efficiency

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So you probably just toss things here or there in your kitchen over the years, but wouldn’t it be nice if everything was in a order that at the very least you can navigate, well check out this great Lifehacker article on how to Reboot your Kitchen, HERE.

Make less Mistakes, By making More Mistakes?


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This is a very puzzling article I came across that suggest that we can make less mistakes if we make more, and like with all great ideas there is a Paradox here, so it might be worth checking out the logic to this argument, check the article out HERE.

Using Product packaging to Pack

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Some products some In really nice packaging, So nice that you might pack some of your own things inside it, I do this when I get a nice size box to Pack things in, and apparently I’m not the only one to do this, check this article out HERE.

Resume Tips

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So I hae post before about the topic, but making a Resume properly will determine how well you do in the job market to a degree, so all the tips and tricks you can use to improve your Resume is important to employ, so check out this article with 10 Tips on Resume making, HERE.

A Free Monitor Program for OSx

Mac OS logo

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So you are a user that has seen things like Process Explorer for windows, and some utilities like this for Linux, but you hardly ever hear system monitoring tools for MAC‘s well check out this free tool that has a lot of information to give you back about your MAC’s system resource usage among other things, check the application out HERE.

Creating a Tech-Free Room in your home

A SMD (surface-mount device) FTDI chip, on the...

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Today you can’t get away from electronic devices, in fact there probably isnt a room in your house that doesnt have a phone, or TV, or computer, but maybe this is why sometimes it feels as if you dont actually live you just interact with devices, check out this article that explains why you should have a tech-free room, HERE.

First Impression’s are Key!

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So you know that you always need to make a good First Impression, but how does it really work, and more important how do we make it work for us, well you need to check out this great article on the topic, HERE.

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